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Our story

The history of the Locanda di Sesto: the story of our family


The history of the Antica Locanda di Sesto is the story of our family.

It all began in 1911 with Girolamo Raffaello Tomei, our great-grandfather who transformed what until then was just a great passion, into a real life mission. A cuisine made of ancient flavors, simple recipes and authentic tastes that would have been handed down from generation to generation.

This is how our grandmother Ida, joined first in the Tomei family and then arrived in the kitchens of the Locanda di Sesto, with the experience of the real hospitality gained in one of the the most famous restaurant of Lucca. A teacher of humility, a real guardian of the traditional culinary secrets and still a continuous source of inspiration for us today. His teachings are preserved and transmitted by his daughter Raffaella who embraces and carries on the concept of the Osteria, where travelers can stop to savor a relaxing and convivial atmosphere and where the taste of tradition is reinterpreted in new forms.

From the love meeting with Adriano Barattini, everything will improve. In 1988, in fact, the journey of its “creature” the Maolina Farm began, to which we owe the production of oil, wine, vinegar, vegetables and other ingredients that we use in the restaurant kitchen.

These treasures today enrich the menu of the Locanda di Sesto with simple ingredients that will make authentic dishes, typical of the “Tuscan peasant food“, carried on by Aurelio and Lamberto.

“We want to share with those who pass by the Antica Locanda: respect for our origins, a story, a passion, a method. We start from tradition, to overcome it without ever forgetting it, to create dishes that we hope will remain in your heart.”