Our family,
our history.

Our family, our history.

Adriano has always dedicated himself with passion and devotion to working at the commercial farming business Antica Locanda di Sesto. Thanks to him, the business is able to produce olive oil, wine, and all the other fresh ingredients that, after passing through the hands of the kitchen staff, arrive directly at your table in the restaurant. Since 1988, he has searched unceasingly for the perfect taste beginning with the flavours and original ingredients in our traditional Tuscan cuisine that he has taught us. Thanks, Dad.
Raffaella brings to the table everything that was passed down to her by her mother. Treasures from long ago that are transformed into experience made of ancient recipes and flavours that have often been forgotten but return today to enrich the menu at Locanda di Sesto with tradition through tasty soups and delicious sweets. Resisting the almond biscuits, cakes, caramelized fruit and chocolates prepared by Raffaella with love and constant creativity is an impossible challenge.
Aurelio brings the real taste of "food from Tuscan farmers", the tale of the culinary history of Lucca, in his dishes. He maneuvers with great care among different cultures, including foreign cultures, to share recipes and methods from the Italian tradition with those who are passionate about food.
Lamberto will know how to guide you on an unforgettable wine and food adventure that will allow you to discover the flavours of his brother Aurelio's dishes coupled with the most delicious wines. You will never forget his recommendations and willingness to help. The result will be a downright joy for your palate. Trust him to turn your lunch or dinner into a wine and food experience to remember.
Ida is the solid pillar upon which the cuisine at Antica Locanda di Sesto is built with the historical memory of a cuisine that sinks its roots into the tradition of times past, but never forgotten. Her humility, her incredible energy, her contagious good humour and her reflective life experience are an inexhaustible source of motivation for all and a continuous push to improve.

Our cusine

Traditional Dishes
The cuisine at Antica Locanda di Sesto is composed of typical plates from Tuscan culinary tradition. Authentic, homemade flavours that enhance the freshness and the quality of every ingredient used. The Locanda has an old-timey atmosphere, and whoever passes through it must know that the pasta and sweets are homemade and that genuine products, from extra-virgin olive oil to artisan vinegar as well as cured meats and cheeses from the Tuscan countryside, are preferred in the kitchen. Lunch and dinner begin with a starter of toasted bread and mixed cold-cut Tuscan meats. The starter is followed by tordelli pasta with ragu sauce; potato dumplings with herbs; strips of meat in tomato sauce; pappa al pomodoro, a thick Tuscan tomato soup; or zuppa alla frantoiana, a bean and vegetable soup. We have plenty of specialty meat dishes, including black pepper and rosemary steak, Florentine steak, baked Cinta Senese pork, rabbit in a spicy tomato-based sauce, or fried eggs in tomato sauce. Let yourself succumb to the temptation of caramelized fruit baked in the oven, Italian pies, almond biscuits or chocolates that are prepared daily by Raffaella. It is an explosion of flavours that justify breaking your diet.

La Maolina

"La Maolina" farm,
a history of passion
since 1988.
1988 is where the story of the commercial farm “La Maolina” begins. Once again, it is passion that guides the Tomei/Barattini family on this new life path of producing wine, vinegar and olive oil on a commercial farm.

It was Adriano, who at that time was the bovine merchant, who discovered Maolina as he was on his way to buy a dairy cow. The farmer convinced him, moreover, to try his wine, a wine that impressed him so much that he decided to serve it at his restaurant. However, the beauty and richness of the farm continued to fascinate Adriano, who by that time recognized the value of the precious terrain, and he began to pursue the owners with the goal of buying the farm.

The long-term vision and shrewd business strategy Adriano showed resulted in his ownership of the vineyards and olive tree groves, our most precious heritage, that have offered us the possibility of obtaining regulated and genuine products from nature that are indispensable for the value of the flavours and traditional dishes prepared in the kitchen at the Antica Locanda di Sesto restaurant.

Each step, from the production process, beginning with the selection of grapes, work in the wine cellar, to the collection of olives and the preparation of the product for pressing, is overseen personally by the family. Everything follows the seasonal rhythms and Tuscan farming tradition.

Chef at home

Chef at home
Aurelio, chef of the Ancient Locanda di Sesto, shares his passion for the flavours of the territory and Tuscan not only in his restaurant, but even at your home, both in Italy and abroad. The awareness of the traditions, and of the food culture, the knowledge of raw materials and the desire to share every minor secret of this super rich gastronomic area, can make a dinner, a lunch or any other moment, organized at your home, an unforgettable event.

A unique and personalized service, from the menu design to the selection and shop of the ingredients to the preparation of the dishes, made with his own equipment directly in the kitchen of those who require this exclusive service.

For more information: info@aureliobarattini.com

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We are Tuscan. Our passion is: * the food of Tuscan farmers *. Our cuisine carries with it the culinary history of Lucca.